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Black Rose High School is a realistic human roleplay set at the Black Rose High School in The United States.
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Season Summer
Date Friday
(10:00 AM)
Extra Last day of first school week
Weather A bit rainy but with a soft warm wind

The cafeteria serves
Sandwiches (different types)
Fruit (for example apples, bananas, pears, etc.)
Drinks like tea and coffee or coca cola (this one only in the main lunch break)
Soup (Tomato soup)
Mini pizzas (special lunch addition today)
Hamburgers (special lunch addition today)
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 History classroom

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Student basics
Name: Headmaster
Age: Unknown

PostSubject: History classroom   Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:32 pm

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Student basics
Name: Airamyst Ryu
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore

PostSubject: Re: History classroom   Thu Jun 04, 2015 8:04 am

Airamyst sighed heavily growing bored as he looked around the room. He hated sitting in a desk class after class. Sure he had gotten a break but his mom and dad never made him sit still in a hard desk bored out of him mind for hours.
He wasn't sure how he was going to de this almost every day and really was to tired and bored to think about it. Slowly he looked over at Jeamesero before leaning sideways slightly and whispering. “Why is school this boring?”
It was a innocent question really. As said his mother and father really didn't force to much on him at home so all this way new to him. Suddenly he jumped from his seat, a loud ringing filling the classroom and scaring him quite a bit.
He swallowed and whimpered as he started to shaky a bit. Looking up very slowly at Jeamesero he blinked back tears. “What was that and why was it so loud?”
Airamyst started to heard everyone getting up and placing items back into their bags. Several students just grabbed up their papers and ran from the room confusing the boy even more.
He looked up at the clock and remebered what happened around this time. Food. Though he always made sure not to eat to much so that he could still fit his clothes and gained hardly any, if none at all, weight.

Airamyst stood quickly from his desk and pulled on his bag before offering Jeamesero his hand. “Ready to go, Jeames? After all didnt you say you were going to introduce me to your Nii Nii?”
He giggled at the name finding it really cute, so cute in fact that he was half tempted to call the boy by the cute name as soon as they met.
Airamyst placed his other hand on his hip and started wondering out loud like he always seemed to do without even thinking. “Though we have to make sure to get soemthing to eat. Of course not to much because I don't really want to have to go on a diet. Maybe just a small snack really so that I don't ruin my perfect curves~”
Pulling back his hand he ran both down his body, starting at the sides of his chest just under his arms, before running them all the way down to his thighs. He fixed his skirt and brushed his hands over his tummy and hips a few times as if checking to be sure he hadn't gained any weight.
After a few mintues he seemed content with his findings and smiled cutely at Jeamesero, offering his hand again. “Sorry about that. I need to learn to think before I act and that there is a time and place for everything. “
A very soft pink blush spread across his cheeks as he looked away a bit, still holding his hand out, but not daring to look at the boy anymore. He felt a bit ashamed for his actions and a bit silly now.


Addressed: Jeamesero Mentioned: Classmates, Teacher (Kinda) Word Count: ~ Notes: Airamyst your so cute sometimes~ XD
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Student basics
Name: Kochi Tamashii
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore

PostSubject: Re: History classroom   Fri Jun 05, 2015 9:47 am

‘’Other’s speech’’

‘’Why is school this boring?’’, Airamyst said and Jeamesero opened one eye, staring at his desk sleepy. He had dozen off during history class, because it was boring but also because he was tired. He had gotten up way too early to, well, shave his legs. ‘’Just because...’’, he whispered back, not really looking up at the boy.
Suddenly he felt his phone buzz in his pocket, he had put it on silent but still on vibration so he could feel it when someone sent him a message. ‘’Who is texting me...?’’
Jeamesero took out his phone carefully, making sure the teacher didn't see him; he was quite misbehaving in class right now, he never did this actually, but since Airamyst had acted so sassy he felt like getting a bit more reckless himself, too.
Looking at his phone he saw he had a text message from Shun, his half brother, his Nii Nii. Jeamesero smiled and opened the message, reading it under the desk he was sitting at, the phone resting on his lap. ‘’Hey Jeames, let's meet at the lunch room. I have a free hour now so will be there soon. Will meet you there and bring someone along, see you soon. Shun.’’, the text said and Jeamesero giggled, knowing what he should text back.
‘’Okay Nii Nii, will see you there~’’, he texted back, putting his phone back in his pocket quickly. He then looked at Airamyst and wanted to whisper to the boy his plans of meeting up with his Nii Nii, but at that very moment the bell rang, telling the students this class had ended, and that it was time for them to have their lunch break.
‘’What was that and why was it so loud?’’, Airamyst asked, cutting off Jeamesero, who looked at him in confusion but then chuckled. Jeamesero grabbed his bag from the ground and placing it on his desk, putting his stuff back in there and looking back at Airamyst. ‘’That's the school bell, silly. It's time for food.’’

Airamyst got to his feet while other students around them ran from the classroom to meet up with their friends or to get something to eat. Suddenly Airamyst turned around and reached his hand out for Jeamesero to hold. Jeamesero looked at his hand in confusion, before blushing slightly and grabbing his bag.
‘’Ready to go, Jeames? After all didn't you say you were going to introduce me to your Nii Nii?’’, Airamyst asked and Jeamesero stared up at him, realizing he had still wanted to tell the boy about his plan for lunch break. ‘’Though we have to make sure to get something to eat. Of course not to much because I don't really want to have to go on a diet. Maybe just a small snack really so that I don't ruin my perfect curves~’’
Airamyst started running his hands down his body to show off his curves and Jeamesero giggled, watching him with a grin on his face and a lifted eyebrow. ‘’Sorry about that. I need to learn to think before I act and that there is a time and place for everything.’’
The boy still held out his hand and Jeamesero smiled at him, shrugging. He grabbed Airamyst's hand and got to his feet, but after that he let go of the boy's hand, just to be safe. Most of these students already knew he was homosexual, he didn't want to to cause anymore unwanted attention; though he doubted most students knew Airamyst was actually a boy.
‘’Let's go~ Also, my Nii Nii just texted me, we will meet up with him at the school's cafeteria. He said he would bring along someone so I'm sure he would love to meet you, too. We can all lunch together, isn't that fun? Come on, hurry~’’, Jeamesero explained, grabbing Airamyst's arm and tugging at it. He moved over to the classroom's door, ready to step outside and meet up with his half brother, his favorite brother in the world.

Addressed: Airamyst Mentioned: His teacher, other students, Shun, Hikaru (sort of) Word Count: 672 Notes: ~To the School's Cafeteria~
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Student basics
Name: Headmaster
Age: Unknown

PostSubject: Re: History classroom   Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:26 pm

Time skip going on! It's now 10am (Friday)!
Your characters hear the school's buzzer so know they have to move to the next class.
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PostSubject: Re: History classroom   

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History classroom
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