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Black Rose High School is a realistic human roleplay set at the Black Rose High School in The United States.
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Season Summer
Date Friday
(10:00 AM)
Extra Last day of first school week
Weather A bit rainy but with a soft warm wind

The cafeteria serves
Sandwiches (different types)
Fruit (for example apples, bananas, pears, etc.)
Drinks like tea and coffee or coca cola (this one only in the main lunch break)
Soup (Tomato soup)
Mini pizzas (special lunch addition today)
Hamburgers (special lunch addition today)
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 The school's library

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Student basics
Name: Siyounen Azuma
Age: 18
Grade: Senior

PostSubject: Re: The school's library   Sun Jan 17, 2016 12:07 pm

It was quiet for a bit, and Siyounen actually started to feel more at ease. But being so close to another person really made him worry. He didn't want to speak more than he already had. So the boy buried his face in his book, pretending he was the only person in the world, that no one was there to disturb him. And for a few seconds it actually worked; Siyounen shut out the world. He no longer heard the voices around him, the soft noises that were called whispers. Not even the voices in his head nagged him with anything. For a moment he truly was the only person in the world. But then there was that sound again, the sound of a voice addressing him.
‘’Nice book.’’, the boy beside him said and Siyounen looked up at him, giving the boy who had called himself Rocco a long stare. He noticed Rocco put away his laptop and grabbed out a book himself, a book about dogs. Something about psychology. It made Siyounen think about the hour long meetings he had with his doctors, it made a shiver run down his spine. But he was also very interested in that kind of subject, and he knew that as soon as he started reading such a book, he would forget about the bad memories and like it.
‘’Yours too.’’, he spoke in a soft mumble, almost a whisper, before lowering his head and burying it in his book again, pretending to not exist. Because that was the only moment he felt safe and comfortable. But he wasn't alone anymore; he no longer could shut out the whispers and voices around him in the library. The other students seemed to burn their words into his mind, into his soul. And as Siyounen sat there in silence, trying to read, it felt like the voices were becoming louder. Headache, it gave him a headache.
‘’It hurts...’’, he thought in fear, but anger had started to boil up inside of him, as well. He put his book down in the table and gripped both sides of his head, holding his head tight as if he was trying to keep it in place, pulling at his hair softly.
‘’Shut up.’’, he whispered, tears burning in his eyes as the voices didn't seem to stop. ‘’Shut up...’’
‘’What are you doing? Get a hold of yourself. You're a little wimp.’’, a voice in his head spoke. At first it sounded all right, then it began to hurt Siyounen's feelings. The boy shook his head in response; he could not get a hold of himself. He was not feeling good.
‘’Stay calm, you will be fine. Those noises out there are only in your head. We are real, they are not.’’, another voice told him not long after, a soft voice trying to calm him. Siyounen wrapped his arms around himself, as in a way to comfort himself. He sat there hugging his own body, feeling nauseous.

‘’Other's speech’’

Addressed: Rocco \\ Mentioned: Rocco, the voices in his head \\ Word Count: 501 \\ Notes: Poor Siyounen cannot cope. xD
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Student basics
Name: Toru Hisaki
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore

PostSubject: Re: The school's library   Tue Jan 19, 2016 12:42 am

Toru heard the bell signaling that another class was starting soon and turned to glare at the clock in annoyance, hating the loud sound it was making. Whether he had class or not he wasn't about to leave when he had finally found someone he could probably use. Sadly though as he turned back he saw the girl had started away, barely catching something about having class now.
“Well fuck...” He murmured softly under his breath, even more pissed at the clock now. “School ruins everything.” With that he stood up, ignoring Taro laughing in his mind. 'Haha! She didn't even give you her number babe.' The boy struggled to say in between breathes. Toru blushed darkly and crossed his arms, looking to the side as he muttered something that sounded like 'fuck off'.
Cutting his eyes around the library a bit he quickly noted that hardly anyone was there, and none of which he knew still. His gaze stopped at the lady working the library behind the counter and he stared for a bit before making a face.
Continuing his look around his eyes fell onto two boys near the entrance. Two that seemed to be talking amongst themselves and both of which looked a bit nervous. A sly smile crossed his mouth and he heard Taro stop laughing, looking at the two boys now as well with great interest.
Without a word the boy headed over, playing it cool and making sure to take his time so as not to scare the boys off. Upon reaching them he stopped and looking them both over before letting out a soft breath and speaking. “Excuse me. I was just wondering. What are you guys doing?”
Toru then bit his lip, putting on the act as if he forgot to say his name and just realized how rude he was. “Oh sorry about that. The name's Toru. So whatcha reading?”

Addressed: Siyounen, Rocco Mentioned: Mosi Word count: ~ Notes: Post sucks but I couldn't find more to add
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Student basics
Name: Rocco McParker
Age: 18
Grade: Senior

PostSubject: Re: The school's library   Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:17 am

(Okay so I am usually going to use post boxes but I am in a rush so bear with)

Rocco tried his best to ignore everything around him, everyone was talking, another boy approached but still he tried his best. ''Stop being such a wimp.'' One of the voices said as he sat there reading and shaking.
''Excuse me. I was just wondering. What are you guys doing? Oh sorry about that. The name's Toru. So whatcha reading?'' Toru said to him and the senior knew he had to respond. He sat there, looking at his book for a moment and then, eventually, he spoke; only really because he realised that Siyounen wasn't speaking.
''Dog Psychology. Rocco.'' He said quickly, not wanting to be here anymore. He shook his head a little as some of the voices began to speak to him, he couldn't pick out their individual words, it was just like a crowd of people speaking. Rocco began to shake and feel sick, rocking back and forth slightly he started to tuck himself up as much as he could.

He looked to his right and noticed that Siyounen was hugging himself and looking scared as well. As much as Rocco wanted to help him he didn't think he could, it was hard for him to work up the courage. Eventually he did, touching the shoulder of the boy he whispered quietly: ''Siyounen, it's okay. I'm here.''

Add: Siyounen, Toru
Men: Siyounen, Toru
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Student basics
Name: Siyounen Azuma
Age: 18
Grade: Senior

PostSubject: Re: The school's library   Sun Feb 07, 2016 5:00 pm

Siyounen still felt bad, he still felt terrible. The noises around him didn't stop and they only seemed to grow worse. Siyounen grabbed his hair and pulled lightly at it, causing small tears to well up in his eyes. ''Ow... ow ow...'' he whispered to himself. Where did the pain come from? He really had no idea he was inflicting pain upon himself. He thought someone else was doing it to him, but no one was touching him.
And then suddenly someone caught his attention and brought him back to the real reality. A boy stood in front of him and Rocco, at the table. Siyounen wiped his tears away as he let go of his hair and looked up at the boy in confusion. The boy asked what they were doing, and called himself Toru. Siyounen gave him a nervous stare, and then did the same to Rocco, as if he wanted Rocco to speak so he didn't have to say anything. And Rocco said his name, and what he was doing. Maybe Siyounen should do the same.

''Siyounen... Reading about birds.'' he gave as an answer and for a moment he smiled weakly and closed his book, putting his finger between the pages he had left off at so he would not lose it, and showed Toru the cover of his book with the pride of a little child who has just learned something new and wants to let others know. But the nervousness was still there, so as soon as he had showed Toru the cover of his book the smile faded from his face and he put his book down, opening it again the right page and staring down at the table with an uneasy feeling. Why were so many people around here all of a sudden? It scared poor little Siyounen.
''They are not real, we are. Ignore them. Ignore them. Ignore them.'' the voices in his head spoke and out of fear and sadness and uncertainty Siyounen sniffled once, trying his best to force back new tears.

Suddenly Rocco came out of nowhere reaching for Siyounen, grabbing the boy's shoulder. He had not expected this, and in response Siyounen shook his shoulder roughly and slapped at Rocco's hand, though he missed greatly and just hit the air. But it was enough of a sign to show that he was startled, he hoped. He stared at Rocco with wide eyes after that, still confused and a bit on edge. But soon his gaze softened and he could feel tears again; he had almost slapped someone, he had almost hurt someone. He was a bad boy.
''I... sorry...'' he whispered, before he turned away in shame and looked at Toru. But when he saw Toru he looked away again, back at the table. He was too afraid to meet other's eyes, afraid they would judge him and hate him. Maybe he had to tell them who he was, explain them why he acted like this. Maybe it would make things better. It had made his parents stop yelling at him when he was little, once they found out what mental condition he had, because in the begging they thought he was doing it on purpose. So why would it not help this time?
''S-sorry...'' he whispered again, but this time to them both, and he mumbled only one word they might be able to understand, ''Schizophrenia...''

Addressed: Toru, Rocco
Mentioned: His parents
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Student basics
Name: Sancott Gebühren
Age: 16 Years Old
Grade: Sophomore

PostSubject: Re: The school's library   Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:30 pm

Sancott still with his book on the face takes a look at some boys talking and he thinks "Maybe I say 'Hi' again?" He shakes his head and puts his English book in his backpack and gets up to go on the library shelves looking for an interesting book to read, he found a book about werewolves. He smiles, picking up the book. Then, before returning to the table where he was, he looks at a table where a much younger girl and thinks to himself "I'll sit over there... She will not want to disturb me..." and sits near the girl and gives a friendly and shy smile "Hello...". Opens the book and starts reading, he love read horror stories, because he liked to feel that tingly inside.

Lazy to use the post code...
Men: Everyone here...
Add: Lola
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PostSubject: Re: The school's library   

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The school's library
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